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New developments make Christian life train “The” career choices for professionals working at home

I have watched for several years now, because my wife’s career really took off and I had to admit, I was impressed. At the age of 55, after having a lot of life experiences, it only made me sit and notice that something big was happening. In addition, I have seen fourfold income over the past year.

My wife, Bush Leelo-Dianne is a Christian life coach. He is also the founder and president of PCCPA (Professional Christian Counseling & Coaching Academy). His work involves helping individuals achieve their goals, improve their lives and relationships and overcome the obstacles that hold them back. He did his work 95% on the phone from his office in our home. Working The Kawa Assessment by telephone, he told me far more time efficient and eliminated geographical obstacles. And coaching is about efficiency and results driven by action, right?

Life training as a re-dating profession is only 30 years or more. While people have guided and coached other people to succeed for thousands of years, in a fast-paced world, prosperous, people have stressful problems and time management. Some people just want more than life. They are willing to invest in themselves to get their lives and / or career on track.

Although living coaching starts in the secular community, most of the trainers have the spiritual orientation they bring to coaching. Christians, because our faith involves life and promotes abundant Christian streets, cannot be in a good conscience to achieve selfish goals. And let’s face it, around 80% of Americans consider themselves as Christians. Enter Christian coaching.

Christ Christian training, biblical voice and applying this and a practical strategy to achieve balance in our lives, giving back to our community and living in an abundance that the Bible teaches us to live. Poverty is not biblical. How much can we bless other people when we have nothing? And we are called to be a blessing and reach the world for Christ. By doing that, we need to give others the reason to want what we have. When we have peace, joy, financial security, and great relationships, this is a good testimony for the world.

When people know we are Christians, they watch over us closer. They want to see if we walk talk. They want to know that we have integrity. It all worked together to improve our Christian community and image. In my opinion, being a Christian is more than just saying that we are Christians. This defines faith and lifestyle.

I have a lifetime desire to help others. I am the type of person who is always called when something needs change or improvement. Seeing how my wife can help others, train them to succeed, train new Christian coaches and reap in countless blessings have opened my eyes on this new profession. So I made a decision to become a coach of your own certified Christian life. When I have my certification, my wife and I will form a shared exercise where she will continue what she is doing and I will become a Christian life coach for men. My specialty is likely to help men achieve balance in their lives so that they are not through the middle-aged crisis and help men transition to a new career or retirement.